Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Uganda Trip 2007; First report

Great, but strange trip. First, some fun. Compare the two pictures: smug girl in pink, pensive boyfriend in red- just 15 years difference in age.

Quick Summary:
- Got Winnie's application into two colleges
- Paid for and helped install a bunch of screening at Kiwanga for Children of Uganda
- supplied and paid for a lot of medicine for Kiwanga's clinic
- finished paying off a lot of equipment repair for MADEUganda
- got Farida's school paid for
- paid for repair of bathing doors and filled a large pothole/standing water hazard at Sabine
- filmed an AIDS awareness program out in rural Rakai
- Spent a lot of time with my 'girls': Winnie, Farida, Sandra, Rose and Irene
- Met all sorts of new kids and fantastic workers

More later


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